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Misunderstandings hamper endometriosis diagnoses


Wisconsin women who suffer from reproductive diseases might be interested in learning that medical professionals may have more difficulty diagnosing certain problematic conditions. Endometriosis, an ailment characterized by the uterus’ internal endometrium lining growing outside of the organ, is known to cause infertility, pain that worsens over time and a number of other symptoms.

The fact that endometriosis isn’t completely understood could contribute to the difficulty of diagnosing it properly. Although they can use noninvasive diagnostic techniques, like examining a patient’s medical history and performing pelvic exams, doctors may have to rely on other options. Medical researchers who study endometriosis say that performing invasive surgery is the only way to be certain that a patient actually suffers from the condition. Many women receive incorrect diagnoses by doctors who tell them that nothing is wrong.

Women with endometriosis may also experience significant pain associated with sexual activities, bowel movements or menstruation. They can also bleed between their normal menstrual cycles or suffer gastrointestinal disturbances that are usually associated with GI tract sicknesses. The disease’s many symptoms might lead caregivers to mistake it for other ailments. The National Endometriosis Society notes a high degree of inaccuracy, with almost a third of all sufferers having to consult with two practitioners and a quarter seeking assistance from three before getting the right diagnosis.

Patients who suffer from unique or poorly-understood diseases might not receive the treatment they need in time to prevent negative outcomes. Following a doctor’s failure to diagnose the disease, their condition could worsen, resulting in the need for aggressive and expensive treatment. People who have been harmed in this manner may want to discuss their circumstances with a medical malpractice attorney to see if any recourse for recovering compensation might be available.