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What are common types of birth injuries?

Expecting mothers in Oregon have a tiresome and rewarding ride ahead of them. However, childbirth can still potentially be dangerous even in the modern age of medicine. We at the Law Office of Robert A. Miller are here to help you in the unthinkable instance that something goes wrong, leaving you dealing with birth injuries.

During labor, there are many snap decisions made with the ultimate intention of helping you through the process. Unfortunately, these decisions sometimes cause more harm than good. For example, epidural injections can easily injure the baby if they’re not placed correctly. If a child is stuck in the birth canal, forceps or a vacuum extractor may be used to remove them safely. However, if used incorrectly, these tools can result in numerous injuries to the baby’s head, eyes, or brain.

Even the choices that are made leading up to the actual labor can cause issues during childbirth. If your prenatal care was administered improperly, it can potentially contribute to birth defects by lowering the chances of potential issues being spotted on time for doctors to do something about it. Improper prenatal care can even increase the chances of accidents happening during labor, and can contribute to post-birth problems like cerebral palsy.

When it comes to injuries sustained at childbirth, the impact and type of injury can vary greatly from case to case. For this reason, you may have some difficulty determining where your particular case falls on the spectrum, and what legal actions are available to you. Take a look at our web page on birth injuries and medical malpractice to start learning.