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Finding balance after birth injuries

While we are accustomed to dealing with the legal issues surrounding birth injuries, Oregon women and their loved ones also typically suffer injuries that are difficult to remediate through the court system. That is why we believe in a compassionate approach to this particular topic in injury litigation. At the Law Offices of Robert A. Miller, fearless representation and caring treatment are at the core of our practice.

We believe that the law exists to bring closure and peace to individuals in addition to its more practicable purpose of assessing liability and assigning damages when necessary under the prescribed guidelines. While we always strive to get the maximum appropriate recompense for our clients for their injuries or suffering, we often find there is something more important at stake.

Emotionally speaking, our clients are typically more satisfied by the full investigations our office conducts than they are by any decision the court may make in their favor. This is becomes more true the more serious the injury: Our clients who have suffered through stillbirth are often the most adamant that the situation be fully examined.

It is with this understanding that we pursue a policy of kind and open communication. Our clients deserve the expert analysis of medical witnesses, the due process of the courts and a compassionate guide to help them through the process. We are proud to be part of a system which holds those who do wrong accountable for their actions, but we also take pride in making the medical profession safer by providing necessary oversight and balance to the power physicians wield. Please continue to read more about the subject of birth injuries on our main site.