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When delivery mistakes become malpractice

At the Law Offices of Robert A. Miller, we believe that Oregon mothers have the basic right of receiving adequate and competent healthcare for themselves and their infant children during birth. Your birth medical professional is a human being, and is therefore unable to perform miracles in impossible situations. However, malpractice is an unfortunate fact of life. We see it as our duty to make sure that irresponsible caregivers do not escape justice when they are derelict in their duties.

Sometimes it is difficult to know whether or not you have a medical malpractice case when faced with a birth injury, especially with the corresponding emotional distress that tends to accompany such an event. On one hand, you probably know that there are many unexpected obstacles that could occur naturally during any delivery. On the other hand, you have the right to understand what went wrong. Our legal system has the power to investigate whether predictable birth problems were handled with negligence or incompetence.

For example, most injuries our clients or their infants suffer in birth have their ultimate cause in an undesirable position of the fetus. This is a topic with which we believe most caregivers should be familiar: A lack of knowledge or competence in this category might be evidence of medical malpractice. General information about this topic is available on the Mayo Clinic website, and we encourage all prospective mothers to review this birth complication information and discuss it with their birth caregivers.

While we are satisfied when justice is done and our clients receive compensation for injury done by a negligent doctor, we would much prefer that the injuries not take place at all. We believe that one of the best ways to avoid birth injury is by education and communication, so we recommend that pregnant mothers discuss any and all concerns they might have with appropriately qualified medical professionals. For more information about Oregon law, please review the information on our main site.