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Three tips for coping with birth injuries

No one expects the experience of giving birth to be easy and pleasant. It always has its difficulties, but sometimes it is a traumatic experience. If you experience complications during childbirth, your child may sustain birth injuries. This can be a devastating realization.

If your baby has a debilitating condition such as cerebral palsy because of delivery difficulties or mistakes, you may have trouble coping with this reality. Here is some advice to help you deal with the trauma of a birth injury.

1. Do not blame yourself

As a new mother, you may want to instinctively take responsibility for anything bad that happens to your child. Remind yourself that birth injuries are not your fault. Instead of turning your emotions inward with shame, practice kindness toward yourself. Remember those birth complications and medical malpractice were out of your control, and you cannot blame yourself.

2. Take a deep breath

Although you may feel weak, you are strong. You and your child will get through this together. While a diagnosis may feel like the end of the world, you will find out your child can grow up to have a wonderful life. Even if your child ends up needing help from medical professionals and caregivers, you can still be an excellent mother to a beautiful child.

3. Get support

Do not try to deal with this issue on your own. Reach out to your close friends and family members for help. Find support groups with other parents who have children with conditions like yours. Consider going to therapy to figure out how to cope with these troubling revelations. Talk to a compassionate attorney about the possibility of getting financial compensation through a medical malpractice lawsuit. Whatever you do, do not go through this alone.

Having a child with a birth injury is difficult, but you can heal and move forward. We hope these tips help you as you recover.