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How common are birth defects?

Parents face many stressors during pregnancy, the birth of their child and after the child has been born. Unfortunately, things can go wrong at any point, and this can be incredibly overwhelming from an emotional and financial standpoint. Many children are born with birth defects in Oregon and it is pivotal for parents to do everything they can to prevent these hardships. Unfortunately, more children will continue to be born with various complications.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, birth defects are the primary reason why infants pass away, accounting for twenty percent of infant fatalities. Moreover, they impact about three percent of infants born in the U.S. every year. There are many factors which can play a role in the likelihood of an infant suffering due to a birth defect, such as the ethnicity of the child. However, birth defects may also be the result of poor prenatal care or some other factor that could have been avoided.

Unfortunately, medical professional negligence has played a role in some of the birth defects that have taken place. Even when a child does not pass away as a result of a birth defect, they may face an uphill battle in the years to come and be affected by the condition they are struggling with for the rest of their life. If a child is born with a birth defect as a result of a doctor’s negligence, parents should examine all of their options. In some instances, it may be necessary to consider legal action.