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How Do I Know if I Have a Medical Malpractice Case?

But how do you know for sure if your issues are considered medical malpractice? We want to help you answer those questions today and find solutions to help you and your family.

What is Considered Malpractice?

When it comes to defining medical malpractice, it can seem very black-and-white. But there are lots of factors that come into play.

Medical malpractice is when a hospital, doctor, or other health care professional causes an injury to a patient through a negligent act or omission. This may be the result of a misdiagnosis, an incorrect treatment, improper aftercare, or poor health management.

As you can see, medical malpractice is reliant on 3 important factors:

  • A documented violation of care

  • A documented injury

  • Significant damages caused by that injury


Examples of Medical Malpractice

There are many examples of medical malpractice for individual issues. However, here are a few general examples.


  • Failure to diagnose

  • Misdiagnosis

  • Unnecessary surgery

  • Mistake during surgery

  • Improper medication

  • Improper medication dosage

  • Poor follow-up, aftercare, or discharge paperwork

  • Premature discharge

  • Not taking appropriate patient history or disregarding important patient history

  • Failure to order testing

  • Failure to recognize or properly document symptoms


Do You Have a Medical Malpractice Case?

So, do you have a medical malpractice case? If you feel you have documented evidence that you have been misdiagnosed, and/or injured, through negligence, we can help you determine if you have a case. Contact us today to learn more.