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Doctors ignored woman’s symptoms, causing birth injuries

A mother is suing multiple doctors who allegedly ignored the warning signs of a very serious condition. She says that since she did not receive adequate medical attention, her son was born with multiple birth injuries. Her medical malpractice lawsuit does not include a specific amount for damages, but the annual cost of providing her son with necessary medical care is around six figures. This cost is not uncommon for Oregon families in similar situations.

In late 2015, the woman spent two weeks in the hospital to lower her risk of going into preterm labor. Although it is not clear how far along in her pregnancy she was at that point, she attended an appointment with one of her doctors a week after being discharged. Despite bringing up multiple concerns, the doctor insisted that her pregnancy was proceeding normally and sent her home. Still experiencing troubling symptoms, she visited the emergency room on two separate occasions and was told that everything was fine. Doctors started to refuse the mother’s phone calls shortly after.

Since she could not get any doctors at either the hospital or medical plaza where she was being treated to take her seriously, she decided to seek medical care at another facility. Doctors at the second hospital took her concerns seriously and discovered that her placenta was separating from her uterus, and the baby was deprived of nutrition and oxygen. Because of this, he was born with debilitating medical injuries and spent most of his first year of life living in hospitals.

The young boy now suffers from brain damage, developmental delays and many other health problems. This is unfortunately the reality of what life after birth injuries looks like. Not only does it significantly reduce a child’s quality of life, but it also places enormous emotional and financial burdens on parents and loved ones. This is why Oregon parents who have been affected by this situation should consider whether filing a medical malpractice suit would be appropriate for their child’s situation.