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Could the doctor have prevented your child’s birth injuries?

There is a lot to do when you are expecting a baby, and it is more than just getting the nursery ready. There are parenting and feeding methods to consider, names to be chosen and — if necessary — day cares facilities to visit. But on top of all of that you knew that the most important thing was to get the best possible prenatal care. Poor prenatal care is associated with an increased risk of birth injuries, so if your child was harmed here are a few things you may want to keep in mind.

Pregnant women do not always exhibit obvious symptoms of any problems. In some cases, symptoms are only noticeable while being monitored. Doctors in Oregon are responsible for carefully monitoring their patients’ pregnancies, which means watching out for some of those hard-to-spot symptoms. These doctors are also responsible for truly listening to and considering self-reported symptoms.

Unfortunately, there are doctors in Oregon who simply do not take this responsibility seriously enough. A woman’s condition during pregnancy can negatively affect her unborn child. In some cases, lifelong damage occurs in only a matter of minutes.

Attentive prenatal care might have been all that was needed to prevent your child’s birth injuries. If you felt as if your provider did not listen to your concerns or if he or she ignored symptoms of a serious problem, you and your child may need help. You can learn more about getting the right kind of help as well as medical malpractice in Oregon by visiting our website.