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The basics of birth injuries

Expecting parents in Oregon generally just want what all other parents want — a healthy child. While there is no way to prevent a child being born with or developing a disease, preventing birth injuries is very much possible. This can make it all the more devastating to learn that a child who would have otherwise been born healthy was injured instead.

There are many different types of birth injuries, ranging from minor to severe. Cerebral palsy is just one example that many people are probably familiar with. Babies who are deprived of oxygen during delivery can suffer irreparable brain damage that limits body movement and brain function.

A birth injury is usually the result of careless or reckless behavior by medical professionals. If a doctor ignores the signs and symptoms of distress or does not fully assess a woman’s condition during pregnancy, then he or she will probably not perform any necessary medical interventions. Even if the doctor later realizes his or her mistake and takes action, it may be too late to prevent harm.

For every 1,000 babies that are born in the United States, around five will suffer a birth injury. This number might seem low, but that does not matter to a parent whose child was harmed. Babies, children and even adults who suffered birth injuries often require ongoing specialized care, which can be costly, especially if parents have to leave the workforce in Oregon to become caregivers. A successfully pursued medical malpractice claim is just one tool that can help parents address these costs, which can also address things like emotional trauma, physical pain and decreased quality of life.