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Women with epidural injuries can get the help they need

Enduring hours on hours of pain is not only physically taxing. It is also mentally exhausting. Women in Oregon who have been through labor might understand this better than most people. But if something that was supposed to ease your pain ultimately made things worse, you could be dealing with long-lasting pain and other health problems. Here’s some helpful information about epidural injuries.

Epidural injections are effective for pain management, but they are also capable of causing serious harm. For example, anesthesiologists inject epidurals near the spinal column. This requires extreme precision. Accidentally administering the injection directly into the spinal column can occur fairly easy if an anesthesiologist is careless or negligent. This often results in permanent paralysis.

Administering epidural injections too close together is also dangerous. Anesthesiologists who give too many epidurals within a specific period of time are not helping their patients manage pain any better. Instead, they are increasing the risk of complications. For a mom in labor, this threatens not only her own health but also that of her baby.

You put a lot of trust in medical professionals when you walk through hospital doors. After all, they are the experts who are supposed to diagnose, treat and care for patients correctly. That was unfortunately not your experience, and now you are living with the aftermath. But it is possible to get help for epidural injuries in Oregon. You can learn more about your options for doing so and other pregnancy-related injuries by visiting our website.