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Identifying and caring for a high-risk pregnancy is crucial

When an Oregon woman discovers she is going to have a child, it should be an exciting and joyous time. Unfortunately, some women may have a more difficult time than others do — either based on certain factors present from the beginning or discovered as the pregnancy progresses. For this reason, it is vital that doctors identify and care for individuals facing a high-risk pregnancy in order to protect both mother and baby.

For instance, if a doctor is presented with a pregnant woman who is age 35 or older, he or she should keep a closer eye on her from the beginning since over this age, the odds of complications rise dramatically. Some medical conditions make it necessary to declare a high-risk pregnancy as well, such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and more. Even though pregnancy is not unusual or a medical condition in and of itself, the changes a woman’s body goes through during this time could result in harm to her and her baby if she suffers from certain medical conditions, carries more than one fetus or has a history of pregnancy complications.

Many women begin their pregnancies without complications, but they develop as the pregnancy progresses. If such conditions are not diagnosed and cared for in a timely manner, the mother and/or the baby could suffer harm as a result. A woman should feel free to bring up any issues she may be having without fear that her concerns will not be taken seriously. At the very least, her concerns should be addressed and either confirmed or not before a doctor dismisses them completely.

It can be frightening for a woman to be told she is considered a high-risk pregnancy, but with the right monitoring and treatment, she should still have the chance to deliver a healthy baby without any harm to her or her unborn child. Sadly, not all doctors will provide women in this situation with the standard of care they deserve, and it is not the doctor who suffers for it. If this happens to an Oregon woman, she may want to explore the possibility that a medical malpractice claim would be the appropriate course of action – not only to give her the chance for justice and restitution, but also to help prevent other women from going through the same thing.