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Recognizing the signs that birth injuries may have occurred

Many soon-to-be mothers, including many here in Oregon, want nothing more than to have a healthy child at the end of their pregnancies. For this reason, they may have at least some trepidation about what could potentially go wrong. The truth is that a large number of women will have what would be categorized as “uneventful” pregnancies and births, but some do face risks. One of the most dangerous times for a newborn is during delivery when birth injuries could occur.

Doctors and other medical personnel look for the indicators, such as those listed below when it comes to recognizing that something may be wrong with a newborn:

  • The infant looks sluggish or lethargic.
  • The baby looks blue or pale in color.
  • The baby appears floppy or stiff.
  • The newborn is breathing slowly and has a slow heart rate.
  • The infant needs resuscitation.
  • The newborn exhibits unusual movements in the legs, face, arms or another body part.
  • The infant has poor reflexes, such as not comprehending objects or not responding.

Any one or combination of the above could signal that a baby probably suffered some sort of injury during the birth. Medical personnel should take quick action to determine the source of the problem and find a treatment, if one is possible. In some cases, the baby will end up suffering some sort of permanent damage.

Oregon parents who find themselves in this situation will most likely want to know what caused the harm done to their newborn child. Finding out the details, knowing their rights and understanding their legal options could present a frustrating and stressful challenge. Instead of attempting to tackle this issue alone, they could turn to an experienced birth injuries lawyer for the help they need in their pursuit of justice and restitution.