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A birth injury affects the whole family

Waiting for the birth of a child is an exciting, albeit nerve-wracking time. All you want and hope for is a healthy baby when all is said and done. In your case, up until delivery, everything seemed to be looking up. Then, something happened during delivery that left your child with an injury that has impacted your entire family. Thankfully, according to Oregon laws, you may be entitled to seek compensation for any losses this birth injury has caused you and your child.

When people talk about birth injuries, they primarily talk about the impact the injury will have on the child. What kind of life will he or she be able to lead? How long will he or she survive? What isn’t brought up often enough is how the injury can affect the whole family, because it usually does.

Raising a child with a birth injury-related disability is stressful. The financial toll can be devastating, and the emotional toll on parents and siblings can be just as bad. The whole family may find it needs assistance processing and accepting the situation. Sadly, some families end up being torn apart due to the stress.

The good news is, economic and noneconomic losses associated with a birth injury may be recoverable, such as current and future medical expenses, income loss, pain and suffering, mental and emotional suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life. An experienced birth injury attorney will have the ability to review your case, help you determine if you have a solid claim and, if appropriate, assist you in pursuing your claim in an Oregon civil court. To learn more about how legal counsel may be able to assist you with your case, please take a moment and visit our firm’s website.