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Cerebral palsy sometimes the result of medical negligence

No parent envisions giving birth to a child with special needs. Unfortunately, every year in Oregon and elsewhere, it happens to numerous parents whose children are born with cerebral palsy. This is a devastating diagnosis that affects both the child and his or her parents for the rest of their lives.  

What causes cerebral palsy? 

Several things can cause cerebral palsy. In some cases, congenital issues are at play, but in most cases, medical negligence is to blame. According to a recently published article, there are numerous things that can contribute to a cerebral palsy diagnosissome of which include: 

  • Fetal position 
  • Jaundice 
  • Infection 
  • Rh incompatibility 
  • Stroke 
  • Birth asphyxiation 

All of these things can be easily diagnosed and quickly treated to prevent cerebral palsy from occurring. Unfortunately, failure to diagnose or treat is the real problem. Medical providers make mistakes. Sometimes they miss things, or they fail to look for or treat issues. Thankfully, they may be held accountable for their actions.  

Seeking relief 

A cerebral palsy diagnosis not only leaves a child with significant mental and physical delays that will affect his or her quality of life, but it also leaves parents dealing with the emotional and financial stress of making sure their child receives the care and assistance needed for the rest of his or her life. It is not a small thing to deal with. Thankfully, the monetary side of this can be made easier if it is possible to establish medical negligence contributed to the injury. Parents in Oregon who believe they have a birth injury case can turn to legal counsel for assistance seeking compensation for their losses