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Did your epidural leave you with permanent injuries?

Maybe you knew well before you went into labor that you wanted every possible intervention to make delivering your baby as easy and pain-free as possible, or maybe you decided last minute you couldn’t take the pain anymore. Either way, you ended up asking for an epidural, as many mothers in Oregon do, because you felt it was in your best interests to have one. Unfortunately, the thing that was supposed to bring you comfort had the opposite effect. It left you with permanent injuries. 

Happens more often than you might think 

What is supposed to be a relatively simple procedure can go horribly wrong. All it takes is the misplacement of the needle, even by just a little bit. Sadly, it happens more often than people realize.  

Potential problems with an epidural 

There are a number of problems that can arise with the use of an epidural. If not properly placed, it can lead to paralysis. It can also cause pain or numbness in various areas of the body. These issues can be temporary or long-lasting.  

What can you do if your epidural failed to go as planned? 

If you had an epidural that went horribly wrong, you may be able to hold the medical provider responsible accountable for their actions. According to Oregon laws, you may pursue legal claims in civil court to seek compensation for your losses. An experienced medical malpractice attorney may be able to help you with that, and through out-of-court negotiations or litigation, you may achieve maximum relief for your losses — regardless if they are economic or noneconomic in nature.