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What can a birth injury attorney do for me?

If you are one of the numerous parents in Oregon whose child was injured due to the malpractice of a medical provider before, during or after the labor and delivery process, you probably want to know what legal recourse you may have which has brought you here. Pursuing civil claims against the party or parties deemed responsible may be in your best interest, as well as the best interest of your child, but don’t go it alone. Here is what a birth injury attorney can do for you.  

Answer questions and give advice 

An experienced birth injury attorney can answer any questions you have about pursuing a medical malpractice claim. The lawyer can review your case and give advice. He or she can help you decide if pursuing a lawsuit is an appropriate course of action. 

File your claim and provide representation 

If you decide that filing a claim is the best course of action, legal counsel can file it for you. Regardless of whether your case ultimately goes to trial, your attorney can be your representation in negotiation sessions or at trial. Legal counsel’s job is to make this as easy on you as possible and handle everything from beginning to end. 

Get you maximum compensation 

The goal is to get you maximum compensation for your losses. Legal counsel can help you understand what damages you may be entitled to according to Oregon laws, as well as how much you may get in the end. While there are no guarantees that a birth injury lawsuit will go your way, with legal counsel on your side, you can be sure everything to get you the most for your losses will be done. To learn more about how an experienced birth injury attorney can be of assistance to you, please take a moment and visit our firm’s website.