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Maternal birth injuries negatively affect relationships

Any mother, in Oregon or elsewhere, who has suffered significant injuries during the labor and delivery process knows that those injuries can affect them both physically and mentally. Many mothers can overcome the damage in time, but others feel the effects for a lifetime. Researchers are finding that the emotional damage associated with maternal birth injuries can be particularly harmful, as it causes many women to struggle with relationships moving forward.  

The study 

The MASIC Foundation is an organization that offers help and support to mothers who experienced significant injuries during childbirth. They talked to 325 women who’ve suffered such injuries and found that 85% of them have struggled to bond with their children as a result. Roughly one-third of them blame their child, and 14% claim the injuries cause irreparable damage to their relationship with their child.  

Spousal/partner relationship also harmed 

The MASIC Foundation also says that maternal birth injuries also affect spousal/partner relationships. Physical intimacy is a struggle for many women after giving birth. It is even more so for those who suffered injuries in the process. Not only can it be painful, but there is a fear of getting pregnant and going through the same thing again that keeps them from reconnecting with their partner. 

Get help 

Isolation, loneliness, anger, depression and pain are issues many mothers in Oregon deal with after suffering injuries during childbirth. Help with recovery is available to these women if they are willing to ask. If medical negligence contributed to their injuries, compensation for their losses may also be available. Legal counsel can review one’s case and help pursue relief if doing so is deemed appropriate.