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Doctor’s concern over missing flight contributed to birth injury

When in the middle of giving birth to a child, it is reasonable for any parent, whether in Oregon or elsewhere, to expect the medical provider to remain focused on the task at hand. Unfortunately, that does not always happen, as was seen in a recently reported case. A family in another state claims their doctor’s concern over missing his flight contributed to their child suffering injuries during the birthing process.  

What happened? 

According to reports, after the mother was admitted to the hospital, labor was progressing normally, though slowly. The doctor working at the time allegedly told the parents he had a flight to catch, so he could either use forceps to move the process along faster, or he could hand them off to the next doctor. The parents supposedly told him to do what he thought was the best course of action, so he grabbed the forceps and pulled three times. The umbilical cord then prolapsed and cut off the baby’s oxygen supply.  

The nurses started preparing the mother for an emergency cesarean section; however, before they could move her to the operating room, the doctor tried using a vacuum to get the baby out but was unsuccessful. It was then that another doctor came in, took over, and performed the surgery. After delivery, the child was unresponsive and took over four minutes to resuscitate. Medical staff described the baby as looking pale, gray, and bruised from the birth assist devices, and say the child began having seizures shortly after being resuscitated. The baby’s current condition is unknown.  

What happened to the doctor? 

The doctor accused in this case denies any wrongdoing. Several witnesses to the event disagree. Only time will tell what a jury has to say. For now, the hospital has terminated this physician’s contract, as this is not the first time he allegedly deviated from the standard of care.  

Seeking compensation 

The parents are seeking compensation, as is their right. Parents in Oregon also have that right. Anyone whose child has suffered a birth injury due to a medical provider’s negligent actions can turn to legal counsel for assistance seeking maximum relief, which they may achieve through out-of-court negotiations or litigation.