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Birth injuries cause both physical and psychological damage

When a child suffers injuries during or after pregnancy or labor and delivery, the physical damages can be significant. However, it is not usually just physical damage that is done. The child, along with his or her parents and siblings may also experience psychological consequences that can be difficult to overcome. Thankfully, the state of Oregon allows birth injury victims and their immediate family members to seek compensation for these kinds of losses.  

Impact on the child 

If your child suffered birth-related injuries, he or she may have various insecurities. The challenges that accompany the physical injuries can be emotionally difficult to handle, especially as your child gets older. Many children suffer from anxiety and depression as a result.  

Impact on the parents 

Parents of children with birth-related injuries often are over-stressed, over-tired, over-worked and anxious. They often have feelings of depression and anxiety that are consuming. The long-term effect of birth injuries can impact the parent-child relationship and cause marriages to suffer. 

Impact on siblings 

Being a sibling to a child with significant birth-related injuries and disabilities can be challenging as well. These siblings often feel overlooked and isolated. They deal with conflicting emotions that can be too much for them to handle alone.  

Get help 

Thankfully, help is available to families affected by birth injuries. That help can be expensive, though. If medical negligence contributed to the injuries, families may seek compensation for their losses through legal means which, if successful, would give them the funds needed to seek the assistance they require for both the physical and psychological damages experienced. If you would like to learn more about pursuing birth injury claims and what compensation might be available to Oregon families, please take a moment and visit our firm’s website.