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The detrimental effects of untreated prostate cancer

Left untreated, any type of cancer has the potential for devastating and potentially fatal effects on an individual. Prostate cancer is a type of disease that specifically effects men, but it is possible the disease could spread to other parts of the body. After receiving this diagnosis, some patients decline immediate treatment, choosing instead to work closely with their care providers to monitor their condition and delay invasive measures.

There are times, unfortunately, when a man with prostate cancer does not get treatment because he is unaware of the disease inside his body. A missed diagnosis or misread test result can have devastating consequences for someone who has this type of cancer. If this happened to you, it is possible your current condition is the result of medical malpractice. In these cases, legal action is often warranted and appropriate.

What happens if left unchecked?

With treatment, prostate cancer can be manageable. However, a lack of treatment may allow the disease to spread to other tissue in different parts of the body. Prostate cancer can spread to lymph nodes, nerves surrounding the prostate, blood vessels and other areas. It can also move to the bones and other organs, making it much more serious and difficult to treat. It is a complex disease, and early intervention is crucial for the long-term prognosis.

If you did not get your prostate cancer diagnosis early enough, you could be facing a much more serious prognosis now than you would have been facing in the early stages of the disease. You entrusted your care to a medical professional, and if he or she misread test results, misdiagnosed you or dismissed your symptoms, it could have an irrevocable effect on your life. You have the right to a certain standard of care, and a missed cancer diagnosis is a grave mistake.

What’s next?

After a missed or delayed prostate cancer diagnosis, it is essential to get the right type of care as soon as possible. Additionally, you could have grounds for a legal claim against the Oregon medical provider liable for the negligent care you received. A lawsuit could provide you the opportunity to recoup your losses and seek appropriate damages. Medical malpractice claims are time sensitive, and it could be beneficial to explore this option after learning of a problem with your cancer diagnosis.