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Radiology errors could lead to misdiagnosis of cancer

Receiving a prompt and accurate diagnosis of cancer is crucial to the rate of recovery and effectiveness of any treatment received. If you are undergoing tests in order to determine the source of your medical concerns, you are relying on the accuracy and effectiveness of these tests. This includes an accurate reading of radiology tests, an important step in the diagnosis of cancer.  

Misreading a radiology test can lead to a delayed diagnosis of cancer for an Oregon patient. If there was any delay in getting the right diagnosis of your specific type of cancer, it can have serious ramifications for your long-term prognosis. Radiology errors of any kind could be medical malpractice, and it could be a valid reason for you to pursue legal action. 

How it could impact your cancer treatment 

Proper cancer treatment is highly specific, tailored to the type of cancer the patient has and other unique factors. Radiology plays an important role in identifying the right treatment course. Studies find that malpractice in radiology frequently pertains to cancer diagnosis efforts. As many as 44% of radiology cases involving disputed results pertained to oncology, a percentage that is particularly concerning as you consider that many people can suffer serious or irreversible health effects as a result of misdiagnosis.  

Studies into radiology errors and their effect on cancer cases found that the misinterpretation of images was the primary concern in approximately 80% of oncologic radiology malpractice claims. Common tests mentioned in these cases included MRI and CT scans, but the most common was mammography tests. There are some ways to reduce the number of these troubling events, including more specialized training, additional education opportunities and more. 

Your options as a victim 

If you believe you are the victim of any type of malpractice, you have legal options available to you. If a radiology error led to the misdiagnosis of your cancer, this is a serious event that could have serious consequences. In this situation, it could be appropriate to pursue a civil claim against the liable party. 

While a lawsuit will not reverse the damage done, it could provide you with the opportunity to seek compensation for your medical care, financial needs and other non-economic losses. After learning of a diagnostic error, you may benefit from taking immediate action to learn about the specific legal options available to you.