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Nerve damage to the face from a birth injury

The birth of your child should be a time of excitement and joy for your Oregon family, but unfortunately, an unexpected event can mar the celebration. No one expects their child to suffer from a birth injury, and this occurrence can leave parents and other family members with questions and concerns about how this will affect the baby going forward. Depending on the severity of the injury, your child could struggle with the implications of this injury for the rest of his or her life.

Birth injuries are often the result of preventable medical mistakes and errors made during the birthing process. Medical personnel are responsible for providing care that meets a certain standard, and failure to provide this can result in harm to the child. One type of birth injury is damage to the facial nerve, an injury that can result in long-term negative effects for the child.

An explanation of facial nerve palsy

Damage during birth can lead to facial nerve palsy, also called Bell’s Palsy. This happens when there is damage to the seventh cranial nerve, and it can result in a lack of control over the movement of the face, even immediately after birth. In birth injury cases where the nerve damage is particularly severe, it may be possible to see the effects of this type of injury on one entire side of the baby’s face. The baby may not be able to open or close one of his or her eyes.

In most cases of facial nerve palsy in newly born infants, the condition typically affects only the mouth and the surrounding area of the face. It is also likely that the condition will resolve itself within a few months, but it is also possible that the child will suffer from it permanently. If you believe your child is suffering from any type of nerve damage after birth, it may be the direct result of reckless or negligent medical care.

The long-term interests of your baby

You do not have to stay silent if you believe that your baby is suffering as a result of negligent medical care or a mistake made by your doctor. It may be in your interests to explore the possibility of seeking compensation through a medical malpractice claim. You may benefit from beginning with a complete explanation of your legal options based on the individual details of your unique case.