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For parents of infants with perinatal stroke

In Oregon and throughout the country, pregnant women rely on their medical teams to help them have healthy and safe pregnancies, labors and deliveries. If an obstetrician determines that a mother or infant is in distress, a cesarean section delivery may resolve the issue and keep mom and baby safe. If an obstetrician fails to diagnose a health problem, severe injuries can occur.  

A perinatal stroke occurs when a major artery to an infant’s brain becomes blocked. It is common to think of elderly people when one thinks of having a stroke. However, approximately one in 5,000 infants suffers a perinatal stroke at birth. Sadly, this condition is often caused by medical negligence. 

Medical scientists are working on a new therapy to help perinatal stroke victims 

Infants who suffer from perinatal stroke at birth often have many health problems later in life, including cerebral palsy or epilepsy. Until now, there has never been any type of treatment or therapy available to help children who have suffered perinatal stroke injuries. Scientists are currently doing experiments on animals using stem cell therapy, which has been shown to substantially reduce brain damage in the animals that were tested.  

What recourse do parents have when medical negligence causes birth injuries? 

If an Oregon mother is admitted to a hospital or birthing center, she can reasonably expect to receive the highest quality care for herself and her infant. Any parent who believes substandard care has caused birth injuries for his or her child may seek restitution in a civil court by filing a medical malpractice claim on behalf of the child in question. This is a highly complex area of law, which is why it’s always best to seek guidance and insight from an experienced personal injury law attorney before heading to court.