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Timing is important for radiology communications

As with all medical procedures involving specialized tests, the health and well-being of an Oregon patient often hinge upon information that radiologists provide in their reports. Appropriate communication systems are in place. Doctors order tests, which often require radiology resources. In certain cases, timeliness for submitting a report can have a significant impact on a patient’s health.

Many times, tests might be ordered as a precaution or to rule out a specific health issue. There is not necessarily ”a rush” to get results, although most patients want to know their test results as soon as possible. Sometimes, however, a radiologist might see something in an X-ray or scan that should be brought to the immediate attention of the doctor who ordered the test.

Radiology findings often compel swift communication

If a radiologist is looking for something in a patient’s liver but notices a large mass in the person’s lungs while reviewing test results, expedited communication could be a key factor in getting the patient started on a treatment plan. Swift communication would also be important if a radiologist notices growth in a tumor while comparing past test results with a scan that has just been done. Any number of other issues would also prompt quicker-than-usual submission of a report from a radiologist.

Delayed communication or missed diagnosis can cause injury to a patient

If a radiologist sees something in a test that would typically justify submitting a report on a rush basis but doesn’t take steps for that to happen, a patient’s health might suffer. Not noticing a mass on an X-ray or making other careless mistakes can also have an adverse effect on a patient’s condition. If an Oregon patient suffers damages because of radiology negligence, he or she may be entitled to file a medical negligence claim in civil court.