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Negligence during prenatal care can result in birth injuries

When an obstetrician receives a new patient, they typically work with the mother for approximately nine months to monitor her condition and her baby’s health, as well. An obstetrician (OB) should ask specific questions and perform certain procedures during prenatal visits to assess how a pregnancy is progressing. More importantly, an OB knows how to recognize issues of concern and take appropriate action to keep mom and baby as healthy and safe, as possible.

Sadly, medical negligence often results in birth injuries. If an OB fails to diagnose a maternal or fetal health condition during prenatal care, it can have disastrous consequences. For instance, failing to diagnose a pregnant woman’s gestational diabetes or high blood pressure may lead to serious birth complications that can be life-threatening to the mother and child.

Exactly what occurs at a prenatal visit?

One of the first things that should happen when a woman attends an initial prenatal visit is an update of her medical history. By doing this, an OB will note whether there are any pre-existing issues that might make the pregnancy a high risk. In such cases, careful decisions must be made as to how to navigate the months ahead to try to avoid a medical emergency.

At prenatal visits, certain screenings and testing will also occur throughout pregnancy. In addition, a sonogram will take place to measure the baby’s head circumference. A prenatal team can also monitor a baby’s heart rate and make sure that a mother doesn’t have any infection or illness that might be transmitted to an infant during childbirth. If birth injuries occur due to prenatal medical negligence, justice may be sought by filing a medical malpractice claim in a civil court.