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Navigating the aftermath of birth injuries in Oregon

Did your obstetrician fail to order or perform a cesarean section in a timely manner? Did you or your baby exhibit signs of distress during pregnancy, labor or delivery, only to have your OB-GYN fail to diagnose the condition? Has your child suffered birth injuries in an Oregon hospital due to improper use of forceps, oxygen deprivation, shoulder dystocia or other issues? 

During pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum care, you can expect your entire medical team to provide quality care in compliance with applicable laws and accepted safety standards. There is no excuse for medical negligence. Sadly, thousands of birth injuries occur in this state and throughout the country because of substandard care.  

Support for families whose infants have been stillborn or survived birth injuries 

Nothing can replace the loss of human life, and grief is intensified when the person who died was a child. Tragically, many babies are stillborn each year because of medical negligence. Others survive birth injuries but suffer long-term, sometimes permanent implications.  

A parent can act on behalf of his or her infant to seek restitution for damages that a doctor’s negligence or other medical team member has caused. By requesting a meeting with the Law Office of Robert A. Miller, you can activate a series of legal steps to seek accountability against any entity deemed liable for negligence in your child’s case. In the past, many families have used court-awarded compensation to offset funeral costs and other financial distress associated with a child’s birth injuries.