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The dangers of a delayed C-section

A Cesarean section or C-section is a procedure where an obstetrician or family physician delivers a baby by slicing the bottom of a mother’s abdomen and cutting through the uterus. C-sections are an emergency response to fetal distress and other unforeseen crises that arise during an attempted vaginal delivery.

If a physician does not perform the C-section in time or fails to recognize the need for an emergency C-section, an infant can suffer permanent brain injury and other long-term consequences. Similarly, a mother suffering from prolonged labor may be at risk for internal infections or high blood pressure.

Why do physicians delay C-sections?

A delay in performing a C-section is one of the leading causes of birth injuries. You expect only the highest standard of care from your physician, so you may wonder why they delayed the critical procedure. Here are reasons your physician may have delayed a C-section:

  • The physician failed to monitor for signs of fetal or maternal distress
  • The physician may have been negligent when monitoring the baby or mother
  • The physician may attribute signs of fetal or maternal distress to another source and fail to recognize the need for a C-section
  • The physician attempts to induce delivery through other methods before considering a C-section
  • The hospital does not have an available operating room

Besides the lack of hospital resources, you will realize that negligence is the primary cause for delaying a C-section. Their failure to exercise their duty to you with the utmost prudence is medical malpractice.

Is your physician liable?

If you suspect that your physician is responsible for the injuries you or your child suffered from a delayed C-section, you may be able to hold them accountable. You may need other medical experts to help you examine when negligence or any form of medical malpractice occurred, but you deserve to know. You deserve justice for any pain you or your baby suffered at the hands of another.