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Anesthesiologist negligence as a form of medical malpractice

The tragic irony is when a powerful drug meant to reduce pain induces it instead. Anesthesia is a medical procedure that prevents the feeling of pain during surgeries, dental work, and screening or diagnostic exams.

Anesthetic drugs usually have three primary types – general anesthetics that render patients completely unconscious, and local and regional anesthetics that numb specific body parts while patients stay awake and alert.

With such a precise process relying on their hands, Oregon anesthesiologists must maintain incredible care. But even the state’s most cautious health care providers are still prone to errors. If this happens, complications lead to adverse effects and, in the worst cases, even death. 

Common anesthesia errors

Anesthesiologist negligence may occur even before the medical procedure begins. Anesthesiologists must then thoroughly check the patient’s files showing their medical history and other critical details unique to their case. Case in point, proper food consumption and water intake instructions are crucial before an operation. Here are common errors during administration and monitoring:

  • Incorrect dosage, over- or underdosing
  • Improper intubation or extubation
  • Failure to observe the patient’s stable vital signs, allergic reactions and other conditions
  • Failure to detect malfunctioning medical equipment

The most egregious anesthesiologist errors may result in severe injuries, such as stroke, coma and spinal cord damage. In the most catastrophic events, fatalities are also possible. In determining who’s liable, it can be the anesthesiologist or the hospital employing the anesthesiologist. If the anesthesiologist is an independent contractor, you may still sue the hospital for negligently hiring the anesthesiologist.

Relieving yourself of pain

What may be an honest human error leads to a lifetime of pain for you. You would not want to awaken only to discover that you are facing a legal battle for which you have not prepared. If you have or you know someone who has fallen victim to anesthesia malpractice, you may find comfort in knowing that you can seek financial compensation by filing a negligence claim with your legal team’s supervision.