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Improper use of medical tools resulting in birth injuries

Medical tools are designed to assist and make medical professionals’ practice somehow easier. Unfortunately, when medical practitioners fail to apply reasonable care, the use of medical devices inflicts injuries instead of providing medical care. One of the areas of medical practice that sees a lot of this mistake is birthing.

When the delivery goes wrong

Medical devices such as forceps and vacuum extractors are merely tools for support when a doctor delivers a baby. The doctor’s skills, good judgment and reasonable care still play the primary role in a successful delivery. So, if a doctor incorrectly uses or applies excessive force while using these devices, it can inflict injury on the baby. In worst cases, the negligence can cause the baby’s death. Some of the injuries a baby can sustain from the improper use of medical tools are facial scarring, eye and brain damage injuries.

The basis of your injury claim

Medical professionals like doctors must apply the medical standard of care when dealing with patients. And with this in mind, patients trust doctors to aid them with their medical care. If your doctor fails to perform their responsibilities, such as applying reasonable care when using medical tools for your operation, you can file a medical malpractice case and seek compensation.

Determination of medical malpractice

While you have the right to file a claim against a negligent doctor, you must establish your case first. For birth injuries, it is essential to have all relevant documents and evidence reviewed by an expert obstetrician and legal professional to ensure that your case falls under medical malpractice, giving you legal standing.