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Heart attack symptoms can differ between men and women 

Heart attacks can impact both men and women, although men are more likely to suffer from this affliction than women. Another point of difference is the symptoms described by men and women who have heart attacks. 

Understanding the differences in symptoms is crucial for doctors to make an accurate diagnosis. What are some of the key differences in symptoms of heart attacks between men and women? 

Assessing the symptoms 

It’s important to note that every individual case can present differently, but there are some similarities and distinctions between the most widely reported symptoms in men and women. 

Typically, chest pain and pressure are commonly reported by both men and women who have suffered a heart attack. However, women frequently report a different set of symptoms such as nausea, sweating, vomiting and pain in the throat, abdomen and back. These symptoms are reported far less frequently by men. 

Further complications 

Accurately diagnosing heart attacks in women can be further complicated by the fact that there are several diseases common among women that mimic the symptoms of a heart attack. For example, women frequently suffer from coronary spasms, coronary dissections and cardiomyopathy. All of these conditions can closely mimic the symptoms of heart attacks among women. 

Doctors need to recognize the distinctions between men and women so that an accurate diagnosis can be made. This is also pivotal in ensuring that the appropriate treatments are administered. 

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