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What types of injuries could babies suffer during birth?

The birth of a child should be a time of excitement and joy. It should be a time for your family to come together and get to know the little one, but what should be a peaceful time could change if your baby suffered injuries during his or her birth. Unfortunately, birth injuries do happen sometimes, and in many cases, they are preventable with care and caution from the doctor and other care providers. 

If your child suffered a birth injury and is now dealing with the physical implications of that injury, you do not have to remain silent. It is possible that your family felt the impact of reckless or negligent actions of someone who was supposed to be providing your family with quality care and support. You may have grounds to seek recourse through a civil claim. 

An accident or medical malpractice? 

Birth is a significant and potentially risky natural medical event. It is possible that birth injuries could occur as a result of a truly unpredictable occurrence or unpreventable accident. However, there are many instances in which birth injuries could have been preventable with proper patient care. Some of the most common birth injuries include: 

  • Clavicle fractures — This is a fracture of the collarbone, which can occur as the baby is coming through the birth canal or while the doctor is assisting the baby’s removal. 
  • Femur fractures — This is a broken thigh bone, and it occurs if the leg awkwardly twists during the delivery.  
  • Growth plate fractures — These injuries may occur during delivery, particularly because the bones in a baby’s body are softer and cartilage may be more prone to damage. 

For many babies that suffer injuries during birth, the damage resolves itself over time. However, your baby may have suffered more severe damage that will impact him or her for months or even years. It is helpful to seek a thorough and independent assessment of damage in order to accurately assess how the injury will affect your child. 

Seeking justice for your loved ones 

It is not easy to know what to do after your child suffers from a birth injury. You may not be sure if what your Oregon family is going through is the result of an unfortunate accident or possibly medical malpractice. An assessment of your situation can help you understand what options are available to you and how you can seek recovery on behalf of your baby.