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4 key areas in a medical malpractice case

In a medical malpractice case, a patient is accusing a medical professional of acting negligently or recklessly and causing harm. An example of this could be a doctor who makes a misdiagnosis or a nurse who gives a patient the wrong medication.

When things like this happen, there are four general areas that have to be addressed. These show how financial compensation should be sorted out. Here are the four areas that will apply to most cases.

The duty of care

First off, a duty of care has to be established. The medical professional was supposed to take care of the patient and had an obligation to do so without causing harm.

Breach of duty

Next, it has to be demonstrated that the medical professional breached this duty of care. This could’ve been done accidentally, through negligence, or intentionally. Either way, they did not uphold the standard of care that the patient should’ve been able to expect in any medical institution.


Third, the breach of this duty caused the accident or injury to take place. Maybe a surgeon looked at the wrong files and then carried out a wrong-site surgery.


Finally, the specific damages need to be linked to the event that took place. Damages could include things like the cost of medical care to fix the error, lost wages while the person was in the hospital and much more. They could even include things like pain and suffering that the patient wouldn’t have experienced otherwise.

Have you suffered harm at the hands of a medical professional who owed you a duty of care? If so, you may want to look into all of your options to seek the compensation you deserve.