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September 2012 Archives

Pregnancy-related injury at clinic sparks lawsuit

Pregnancy-related injuries suffered by Oregon women at the hands of negligent staff can be devastating. An injury to the mother may have serious, long-lasting consequences. When these injuries are the result of preventable errors or negligence, recovery against those at fault may be possible.

Oregon hospital struggles with patient violence

Insufficient staffing and a lack of supervision for mentally ill patients at Oregon hospitals pose hazards to everyone involved. Not only is the hospital staff put at risk, but the patients become a danger to themselves and others. Unfortunately, patient injury resulting from hospital staff negligence has recently been on the rise.

Implant procedure may help victims of spinal surgical errors

For Oregon patients that are victims of spinal surgical errors caused by doctor negligence, the prognosis is often grim. Paralysis below the point of the initial trauma is far too often the inevitable result, and little can be done to help those who are paralyzed regain full function of their limbs. For that reason, the compensation awarded to such victims in medical malpractice suits is often substantial, in order to cover the costs of life-long rehabilitative care.

Hospital negligence rate higher among chronically ill children

Since a 1999 report by the Institute of Medicine found that fatal medical errors affect nearly 98,000 people each year, a number of organizations have dedicated their efforts to promoting and understanding hospital patient safety in Oregon and across the country.

Medical malpractice reform ideas inch ahead in Oregon

The healthcare industry in Oregon and the rest of the country is generally acknowledged to be in a major state of disarray. That's part of the inspiration behind such reform measures as the federal Affordable Care Act. Among the issues that gets a lot of rhetorical and media attention is that of civil litigation over claims of medical malpractice for such matters as doctor and hospital negligence resulting in injury, misdiagnoses and even wrongful death.

Drugs for hypertension may be dangerous during pregnancy

Readers in Oregon likely know that proper prenatal care can be essential to the future health of an unborn baby. A major component of that care is a doctor's ability to properly diagnose and/or treat problems that may arise during a pregnancy. Yet a new study indicates that a growing number of pregnant women are taking antihypertensive drugs, possibly because their prenatal doctors failed to advise them of the potential risks posed by the drugs.

Oregon seniors might be at higher risk for prescription errors

A patient relies on his or her doctor to prescribe drugs that are appropriate. Any breach of that trust might constitute negligence on the part of a health care professional. Yet around 20 percent of prescriptions that primary care providers give to senior patients -- those over the age of 65 -- might be inappropriate, according to a recent study. That's bad news for Oregon's seniors, who are more likely than younger patients to be taking several drugs at once. With more drugs comes more exposure to potentially adverse drug interactions.


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