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Hospital negligence causes man to lose leg years after procedure

Although hard to fathom, preventable medical errors that cause serious injuries to Oregon patients happen on a regular basis in our healthcare system. Hospital staff negligence can lead to medication errors and operations on the wrong patient or body part. In severe cases, preventable medical errors can cause permanent injuries or even death.

Undiagnosed gastric cancer deadly for younger patients

As readers of our Eugene medical malpractice blog are aware, an early cancer diagnosis is key for successful treatment and cancer remission. Failure to diagnose cancer can result in the spread of the disease, and a patient may suffer from a deteriorated condition. This can cause a patient to endure additional pain and suffering, and may be deadly.

Boy suffers from permanent disability following birth injury

The heart-breaking story of one little boy shows the devastating, long-term effects of birth injuries. The three-year-old suffered a birth injury from oxygen deprivation during the delivery process, which resulted in permanent brain damage. He was in the hospital for four months before his parents were able to bring him home.

Several hospitals fined over hospital negligence concerns

Readers of our Eugene medical malpractice blog may be interested to know that several California hospitals have recently been fined over patient safety. A total of seven hospitals in the state were fined $775,000 in penalties by the Department of Public Health in an effort to curtail incidents of hospital negligence.

Medical malpractice claims found to affect most Oregon doctors

Medical malpractice is an unfortunate reality for Eugene patients. Not matter how competent and experienced a doctor, mistakes do happen. While many of these mistakes go unnoticed, physician and hospital negligence can result in serious or fatal consequences for unsuspecting patients.

Undiagnosed bladder cancer can be fatal for Oregon patients

As previously discussed on our Oregon medical malpractice blog, misdiagnosed cancer poses a serious threat to patients. A failure to diagnose cancer can result in a delay of treatment. In many cases, this can be fatal. Readers of our blog may not be aware that bladder cancer is often deadly, as it has one of the highest reoccurrence rates among the various types of cancer.

Surgical errors may lead to malpractice claims for Oregonians

Readers of our Oregon medical malpractice blog are aware that preventable medical mistakes happen at all level of health care. Mistakes by pharmacists, family doctors, nurses and surgeons happen on a daily basis. New findings related to surgery errors and hospital negligence were recently released, and the numbers tell a surprising story.

New findings released regarding failure to diagnose cancer

 Oregon cancer patients and their loved ones know that early detection and treatment of cancer is of the upmost importance. A failure to diagnose cancer can lead to a spread of the disease and delayed treatment. In many cases, misdiagnosis can be fatal - especially if the cancer is aggressive or in an advanced stage of the disease.

Woman helps stop misdiagnosis by identifying new disease

Readers of our Oregon medical malpractice blog may be interested to know that a previously undiagnosed disease that affects more than 4,000 Americans every year has been identified by researchers. With the help of a very sick woman, researchers have been able to identify the tick-transmitted illness.


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