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Family of girl burned at children's hospital pursues legal action

In a story that our firm continues to cover in our blog, it was recently reported that the father of a young girl burden at Doernbecher Children's Hospital has hired an attorney to pursue a lawsuit against the facility and the manufacturer of hand sanitizer involved in the incident. As our readers may be aware, the 12-year-old girl was severely burned in a fire involving hand sanitizer while a patient at the children's hospital.

Database of mistakes at Oregon hospitals available to public

An unfortunate reality, medical mistakes by hospital staff happen at even the best Oregon hospitals and medical facilities. For this reason, Oregonians will be interested to learn that many mistakes related to hospital negligence and medical malpractice are now searchable on an online database. The database includes Oregon medical facilities and other hospitals across the nation.

Toddler dies from undiagnosed neuro-degenerative disease

The failure to diagnose a life-threatening disease can cause serious injuries to a patient and may have fatal consequences. This is true for Oregon patients of all ages, including young children. The family of one toddler knows this all too well, after their toddler suddenly died after coming down with a simple fever.

UnitedHealth ordered to pay $24M for failure to oversee doctor

Readers of our Eugene medical malpractice blog may be interested to learn that America's largest insurance company has been ordered to pay $24 million in damages by a Nevada jury. The decision was issued in regards to the failure of UnitedHealth to properly oversee a doctor whose practices resulted in his patients being infected with hepatitis C.

Former dental patients tested for exposure to hepatitis and HIV

When hearing the phrase "medical malpractice," many Oregonians may think of hospital and surgical errors. While these errors certainly occur on an all too regular basis, medical malpractice is not limited to claims of hospital negligence. A developing story out of the Midwest shows the serious consequences of malpractice at your local dentist's office.

Federal lawsuit filed by inmate who suffered stillbirth

Most expectant mothers in Eugene can rest assured that everything will go smoothly during the delivery process. Unfortunately, birth injuries and wrongful death occur at even the best Oregon medical facilities. These are some of the most serious and heartbreaking medical mistakes, since they put the health and lives of both the expectant mother and her newborn in jeopardy.

Study finds delay in diagnosis of breast cancer among Latinas

Researchers recently found that the language barrier in American hospitals is putting the lives of Latina breast cancer patients at risk. The researchers discovered a lack of Spanish-language resources for cancer patients. This can lead not only to a delay in diagnosis of breast cancer after mammograms, but also a failure to diagnose the disease altogether. These problems are causing Latinas to be diagnosed with advanced stages of cancer, and thus giving them less of a chance of survival.

OHSU threatened with Medicare termination following hospital fire

Several weeks after a fire at the Doernbecher Children's Hospital severely burned a 12-year old girl, federal health officials sent the Oregon Health & Science University a warning letter threatening Medicare termination. OHSU oversees the Doernbecher Children's Hospital located in Portland. The letter requires certain safety procedures and training to take place, or OHSU could be terminated from the federal Medicare program.


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