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July 2013 Archives

Family of Doernbecher burn victim files notice of intent to sue

In a story that our Eugene medical malpractice blog continues to follow, the family of a girl severely burned at the Doernbecher Children's Hospital has filed a formal notice of intent to sue the medical facility. Readers of our blog may recall the events leading up to the fire caused by hand sanitizer. The young girl had been admitted to the hospital after passing out at school. She suffered second- and third-degree burns in the fire after being admitted to the hospital.

$35 million arbitration award in malpractice case against dentist

Medical malpractice claims in Oregon are often associated with doctors, nurses and hospital facilities. However, malpractice is not limited to hospital negligence. It encompasses a wide range of wrongful actions, including those of dentists. In one such case, more than two dozen patients of a former dentist have recently succeeded in their malpractice lawsuits. In arbitration, they have been awarded $35 million.

University of Washington settles malpractice suit for $15 million

In one of the largest medical malpractice settlements in the state's history, the University of Washington has been ordered by a judge to pay $15 million to settle a young girl's malpractice suit. The 8-year-old young girl suffered permanent brain damage as a result of hospital staff negligence.

Death of baby girl pushes Oregon midwifery reform effort

Avoidable birth injuries are often the most heartbreaking of medical malpractice cases. Injuries such as broken bones may heal over time, but others can cause serious injury or even death. Such was the tragic experience of one Oregon mother, whose infant girl died due to the medical mistakes of a midwife.

$6.4 million awarded in medical malpractice lawsuit

Eugene patients expect the best medical care from their doctors and medical team. These expectations are generally upheld, but serious consequences can stem from medical mistakes. but when it does, a mistake during surgery, negligence by pharmaceutical workers or a misdiagnosis from a family doctor can cause significant patient harm.

Oncologist admits to giving patients unapproved foreign drugs

Readers of our Eugene medical malpractice blog may be interested to learn the facts surrounding an oncologist that treated patients with unapproved foreign cancer drugs. The doctor recently pleaded guilty to several charges, including purchasing a cancer drug from Canada. In addition to treating his patients with unapproved foreign drugs, he also fraudulently billed Medicare around $1.7 million.

$55 million settlement reached in medical malpractice suit

The victims of hospital negligence and medical malpractice in Oregon often feel a loss of trust for the medical system and doctors. Victims may also fee a loss of control when mistakes happen for seemingly unapparent reasons. A medical malpractice claim can be a way to hold doctors and nurses responsible for hospital negligence, while allowing victims to regain some sense of control over the situation.

The deadly consequences of misdiagnosis for Oregonians

Despite having state-of-the-art medical facilities and top medical professionals, medical malpractice is a continuing problem for Oregon patients. Demonstrative of this problem are new figures released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to the CDC, 40% of the population are under the impression that their doctor has misdiagnosed one of their medical conditions.

Birth injuries abound as the rate of c-section births increase

Injuries to a newborn during the birth process are perhaps some of the most traumatic types of injuries. As Oregon parents await the arrival of their baby, most never contemplate the possibility that birth injuries may occur. Many of these injuries are caused by the negligence of medical staff during birth.


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