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Lawsuit claims man's urethra devastated during botched operation

Most Oregonians will agree that the need for surgery can create a stressful situation. There may be concerns over costs, health insurance, long-term consequences, and success rates. Unfortunately, though, far too many patients fall victim to the procedure itself when a medical professional makes a mistake. These mistakes can cause serious injuries and can leave a victim with life-long disfigurement.

Child's cancer missed, doctor's failure to diagnose to blame

Those in Oregon who have children likely find themselves, at one time or another, seriously concerned for their child's health. Though many of these instances are just a parent being overprotective, it is always best to have a medical condition examined by a medical professional. When a doctor tells a parent that their child is fine, it may come with a sigh of relief. Yet, sometimes doctors are wrong, and it can have a serious impact on an innocent child's health.

Wrongful death lawsuit underway in retained sponge case

It is a terrifying reality that mistakes happen in the operating room. An exhausted or inattentive nurse or doctor can make an inaccurate incision, nick an organ, operate on the wrong body part (or even the wrong patient), or leave a foreign object inside a patient. All of these doctor errors can cause significant harm to a patient. He or she may be left with a worsened medical condition that causes severe pain and suffering. In the worst cases, these instances are fatal.

Tainted blood transfusion allegedly led to child's death

Expecting mothers and fathers are often excited to bring a new child into their family. However, the birth process is not easy. A lot of planning and healthcare is involved, and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication on the part of many individuals to ensure everything goes smoothly. The center piece of this complex period is an expecting mother's doctor. He or she is crucial to ensuring prenatal care is sufficient and that the birthing process itself is done safely.

Failure to diagnose, delayed treatment caused cancer death

Oregon residents who develop a cough, headache, runny nose, or just about any other condition may turn to the internet in an attempt to self-diagnose. This rarely works, as the seemingly smallest thing might leave an individual feeling as if he or she is about to die. The only way to truly know one's medical condition is to go to the doctor. Often, a doctor's findings put an individual's mind at ease. However, sometimes the good news is false, and patients do not find out until it is too late.

What can Oregonians do to help avoid a failure to diagnose?

Going to the doctor can be intimidating for many of Oregon's residents. After all, many of us have been taught to see medical professionals as a sort of authority figure. Our nervousness around doctors might cause us to have difficulty communicating with them, which, according to one expert, can increase the likelihood of misdiagnosis, especially when the average doctor only listens to his or her patient's symptoms for about 10 seconds. That's right. Ten seconds. Doctors are being forced to see more patients in less time, and that can be problematic for patients who expect complete and adequate care.

Robotic surgery may increase risk of injuries

The medical field is constantly evolving. New medications and medical practices promise to give patients more accurate and effective treatment. However, not all innovations are great for patients. In fact, researchers have discovered that when minimally invasive robotic surgery is used to treat prostate cancer, patients may be put at an increased risk of harm. The study, published in JAMA Surgery, found that in 2006 the incidents of harm doubled amongst patients, which corresponds with the year robotic surgery for prostate cancer was accepted at many hospitals.

Woman seeks compensation after unsuccessful hysterectomy

In most instances, unless something major goes wrong, individuals who have a surgical operation leave the hospital feeling that the surgery went as intended. However, symptoms of a surgical error can take time to manifest. This time lapse can make it difficult for a patient to link their newfound pain to a prior doctor error. During a later medical examination, though, these individuals often discover the mistake.

Improper intubation leads to wrongful death lawsuit

Unfortunately, many Oregonians have had or will have a medical scare in their lifetime. The good news is that medical professionals are on standby, ready to help those in need of help. In many instances, these highly educated and trained individuals are able to quickly and adequately treat patients, leaving them better off. All too often, though, a medical mistake occurs, and a patient is harmed, sometimes fatally.


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