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March 2015 Archives

Anytime a head goes bump, it could mean concussion

The last 10 years have seen a major explosion in awareness about the hazards of brain injuries. Most of what we know has come from significantly increased research into the kind of damage that can be done when athletes participate in contact sports like football.

Determining if you were misdiagnosed legally, medically complex

The medical field is dynamic, complicated and extremely sophisticated. Doctors, nurses and administrators in this industry typically go through years of schooling and training to be able to serve patients with a standard level of care, and we as patients must rely on this training and experience when it comes to our own health.

Deadly Ebola lessons include value of electronic health records

As deadly as Ebola is, it's not surprising that it took on the mantle as the biggest health scare in recent medical history. What may be more interesting is how relatively quickly it receded into the background. You barely hear any news about it at all here in Oregon or anywhere else.

Research underway on potential harm of pediatric anesthesia

If you have a child for whom surgery that requires general anesthesia is recommended, experts are suggesting you think twice about whether it can't be put off for a while. The concern among those experts is that they don't really know what effect general anesthetic might be having on the brains of child patients -- especially those who are younger than three.

Oregon caps noneconomic damages for injury, but not always

Injuries are not created equal. But that has not stopped legislatures in Oregon and other states from deciding that there are limits as to what an injury victim may be entitled to recover. The thing is, even though the law may put a cap on what a plaintiff can claim, the Oregon Supreme Court has ruled that sometimes the cap might not apply.

Are Oregon hospitals doing enough to stop deadly infections?

It seems as if we go no more than a couple of weeks without hearing about how dangerous it can be to go to the hospital. Last October, we posted a blog entry about the different kinds of infections patients can be exposed to while being treated.


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