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October 2015 Archives

Hemorrhoids could be a more serious condition

Many people living in Oregon may suffer from hemorrhoids. While the condition may be uncomfortable and can be embarrassing to talk about, it is not a serious matter in most cases. What can be a problem, however, is that blood in the stool, which is a common symptom of hemorrhoids, can also indicate a much more serious medical condition.

Health care providers and the duty of care

As many Oregon patients know, a medical malpractice lawsuit is a lengthy process. It must be initially established that the health care providers involved in the case actually owed a duty of care to the plaintiff. The appropriate level of care must also be determined and if this level of care was not met, the health care provider could be found to have committed medical negligence.

Supervision of doctors in training may require guidelines

As some Oregon patients know, patient care in teaching hospitals is often handled in part by physicians in training. These resident doctors have backup and may call supervising physicians. A recent study looked at when the call for advice should be made in a pediatric setting and whether guidelines might be needed to address this issue.

Wandering elderly patients in Oregon

Elderly Oregon residents who reside in nursing homes or who are hospitalized may be at risk for becoming disoriented and walking away from their facilities. A new environment coupled with unfamiliar faces can create a dangerous recipe for confusion and subsequent flight of the senior patient. Health care professionals who recognize the situations that trigger wandering and who employ a few simple measures can help safeguard older adults who may be prone to leaving undetected.

Computer-aided-detection mammograms may be unnecessary

As many Oregon women know, screening for breast cancer may help detect anomalies at an early stage. With proper and timely diagnosis, breast cancer treatment may have greater efficacy. There are several methods used to detect breast cancer, but recent reports indicate that one does not provide additional support.

New Jersey hospitals liable when doctors lack insurance

Oregon patients may be interested in a case where the New Jersey Supreme Court has ruled that an injured patient cannot sue a surgeon for the failure to have proper medical malpractice insurance. In a split decision, the high court held that the state medical board has jurisdiction over doctors who lack medical malpractice insurance, not the court system. However, the Sept. 29 ruling also stated that hospitals may be sued for hiring doctors who do not have medical malpractice insurance.

Hospital warns of possible HIV outbreak due to error

Seattle Children's Hospital has warned about 12,000 families that their children may have been exposed to HIV or hepatitis at its Bellevue Clinic. It is telling those who may have been exposed to get tested for hepatitis B and C and HIV. The hospital in Oregon's neighbor to the north says the issue stems from sterilization processes that were not always followed. It further stated that the call for testing was out of extreme caution and that no infections had been reported.


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