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Risks associated with unnecessary cesarean sections

When you prepare to give birth in Oregon, chances are, your hope is to have as smooth and safe a birthing process as possible. If you are like most expectant mothers, you may, too, hope to deliver your baby vaginally, as opposed to undergoing a cesarean section, but for some women, this ends up not being an option. At the Law Office of Robert A. Miller, we recognize that some hospitals are quick to encourage or recommend C-sections, despite the fact that there are far more risks involved in this type of delivery than a vaginal birth. We have helped many women who suffered injury or hardship following a C-section delivery pursue appropriate recourse in the aftermath.

According to Consumer Reports, C-sections are now so common across the United States that about one out of every three babies are born through this method. Additionally, a recent investigation revealed that the hospital where you choose to deliver your baby often plays a key role in your likelihood of having a C-section delivery.

The investigation, which looked at birth statistics at more than 1,300 hospitals nationwide, showed that some hospitals were substantially more likely to deliver babies via C-section in low-risk situations than others. This held true despite the fact that most women prefer to deliver their babies vaginally, and despite the fact that these deliveries present far more risks for mother and child.

This is highly problematic because mothers are more likely to suffer an injury during C-section deliveries that are not medically necessary than women who give birth through this method for medically necessary reasons. Estimates suggest that medically unnecessary C-sections cause as many as 20,000 surgical complications annually, with common complications including infections, organ injuries and hemorrhage, among others. You can find out more about medical malpractice by exploring our webpage.