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November 2012 Archives

Hospital may have overlooked cancerous PAP screen results

Oregon readers may be familiar with the book, "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus." The book's premise is that certain aspects of human behavior -- whether attributable to nature or nurture -- divide along gender lines.

Man alleges misdiagnosis resulted in amputations

Residents in Oregon and across the country often benefit from a generally high level of medical care. Yet a recent case illustrates that medical errors can still occur, despite state-of-the-art care, when human negligence or mistake is involved.

Serious birth injury results in boy's permanent disability

Even among the best Oregon medical facilities, birth injuries can occur. Minor birth injuries, such as bruising and broken bones, will heal over time, allowing a newborn baby to eventually have a healthy, normal life. Other birth injuries are more serious, and leave the baby and his family with permanent disabilities and large medical bills.

Nursing home faces claims of negligence after Hurricane Sandy

Hospital and nursing home negligence can cause irreparable harm and injury to patients in Oregon. The potential danger to patients multiplies when a medical facility faces a disaster or emergency situation. In these cases, inadequate staffing and planning to care for patients may result in claims of hospital negligence.

Hospital safety program successful in preventing medical mistakes

When going to a hospital for treatment, Oregon patients expect the best care from all their caregivers. Medical mistakes can happen, however, resulting in serious injury or even wrongful death in extreme cases.

Young adults at higher risk for failure to diagnose hypertension

The failure to diagnose medical conditions such as hypertension and heart attacks continues to be a problem in Oregon, especially among younger adults. A new study shows young adults with high blood pressure are less likely than older adults to be diagnosed at doctor visits. The study is revealing, as failure to diagnose elevated blood pressure, or hypertension, can result in a worsened condition for the patient or even death.

New program aimed at reducing birth injuries in newborns

Birth injuries to newborns in Oregon can have heartbreaking and long-lasting effects. A new program at one of the nation's leading children's hospitals is giving neurologists unprecedented access to newborns in an attempt to minimize birth injuries. The program is aimed at identifying brain injuries that may have a life-long impact if left untreated.

Oregon patients warned about potential risks of plastic surgery

When going into the hospital for a procedure or treatment, patients literally put their lives in the hands of doctors and medical staff. The slightest mistake may have long-lasting consequences. Hospital negligence can result in patient injuries, increased medical expenses or fatalities in extreme cases.

New study examines early diagnosis of autistic children

The failure to timely diagnose a multitude of diseases and illnesses can have long-lasting, adverse affects. A failure to diagnose may result in a patient's worsened condition due to delayed treatment. In many cases, early diagnosis is key to an Oregon patient's recovery and long-term prognosis.

3-D cancer scanning technology may soon be available in Oregon

Early diagnosis of cancer is vital, as many forms are now treatable. However, if months or years go by without treatment, cancer cells can easily spread to other parts of the body. A failure or delay in diagnosis of cancer can have fatal results, and in some circumstances may result in a wrongful death claim.


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