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September 2013 Archives

Study finds women run higher risk of misdiagnosis of heart attack

The failure to diagnose a heart attack is one of the most common and deadly mistakes made by medical professionals. The findings of a new study help provide invaluable insight into this problem. It found that women run a greater risk of misdiagnosis of a heart attack in the emergency room since many do not experience chest pains.

OHSU Hospital may avoid paying $12 million malpractice verdict

Followers of our Oregon medical malpractice blog will be interested to learn that a Multnomah County jury recently reached a verdict in a malpractice suit filed against OHSU Hospital. The jury unanimously ordered the hospital to pay a family $12 million over a botched operation on a young boy. Medical mistakes made by doctors during the 9-month-old's liver operation in 2009 forced the boy to have an emergency liver transplant. The "catastrophic" mistake by doctors nearly resulted in the baby's death, and he had to undergo several additional surgeries to repair the damage.

$4 million awarded to mother and child in birth injury case

The birth of a newborn is a joyous time for Oregon parents and families. Trusting in the competence of medical professionals, most new parents never contemplate something going wrong during the birth process. Unfortunately, negligent doctors and medical staff are responsible for Birth injuries on a regular basis. Some of these injuries, such as bruising and broken bones, may heal over time. Other injuries may cause permanent disabilities or even death to a mother and her child.

Consumer group concerned new OR law will help protect bad doctors

Readers of our Oregon medical malpractice blog are likely aware of a new law enacted earlier this year allowing parties to malpractice claims to settle through mediation before filing suit. The new law, which is set to go into effect in 2014, has been hailed by many as significant tort reform. However, a national group has recently raised concerns over the new law regarding its potential to protect negligent doctors.

Medication errors pose serious problem for Oregon patients

Taking prescription medication is a daily occurrence for many Oregonians. Whether picking up medication from a pharmacy or getting it directly from a doctor or hospital, most people never question the accuracy of the dosage or type of medication they are being given. The unfortunate truth is that medication errors happen on a regular basis. A large part of this problem involves hospital staff negligence and administration errors.

Wrongful death claim filed over flesh-eating bacteria death

The sudden death of a loved one can be devastating for Oregon families. The hardship can be magnified if the loss was preventable and caused by a medical mistake. This is the unfortunate experience of one California family, who has filed a Wrongful death claim against the hospital where their loved one was killed by flesh-eating bacteria.

Medical malpractice suit filed by man misdiagnosed with HIV

The serious consequences of misdiagnosis are well known by readers of our Eugene medical malpractice blog. Misdiagnosis can result in terminal health conditions and severe pain. Patients often need further medical treatment and incur additional medical debt due to the mistakes of a negligent physician. This was the experience of one Midwest man, who was misdiagnosed with HIV.

New rules aimed at malpractice during office-based surgeries

Every day, thousands of Oregonians undergo surgeries or see physicians for a variety of medical conditions. Especially when it comes to out patient surgery, most patients have little to fear and never expect problems to arise. Unfortunately, even the most reputable doctors and medical facilities can make mistakes. All too often, these medical mistakes can result in a fatal accident and a Wrongful death claim.


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