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April 2014 Archives

Lawsuit over patient's punctured aorta settled

Oregon's doctors often have to make quick decisions in order to save patients' lives. Though some mistakes are bound to happen in some situations, other cases present such an obvious problem that doctors should be able to take the appropriate steps to prevent further harm to the patient. Unfortunately, though, even these easy cases are sometimes botched.

Can barcoded meds protect Oregonians from hospital negligence?

Pharmaceutical drugs are a powerful tool in treating medical conditions. They can reduce symptoms, ease pain and even remedy some medical issues. It is common for Oregon patients to go to the hospital and be given or prescribed medication. Many of these individuals take pills, injections and syrups without much thought, showing their deep-seeded trust in their doctor. Unfortunately, though, medication errors are all too common, putting Oregonians in harm's way.

Failure to diagnose stroke leaves woman with brain damage

An Oregon hospital is being sued after a doctor or doctors failed to timely diagnose a patient with a stroke. The woman collapsed at her home and was taken to the hospital in an unconscious state. Medical professionals conducted a CT scan, but misread the results, claiming there was nothing wrong with the woman. Doctors claimed the woman's condition was an "emotional" issue, and they failed to give her medication that would have broken up the blood clot in her brain.

Wrongful death suit filed after stomach stapled without consent

Many of Oregon's residents seek ways to help them lose weight. When dieting and exercise is not enough, these individuals turn to medications and surgical procedures. With a proven track record of success, such measures, when carried out appropriately, can significantly impact an individual's health for the better. However, when it comes to weight loss surgeries, just as with any operations, avoidable complications can arise that leaves a patient in grim danger.

Oregon hospital sued for serious birth injuries

Life is a fragile thing, especially when a life is that of a newborn child. The birthing process, though a tough, yet joyous one, is often fraught with medical complexities. While some of these problems are unexpected and unavoidable, others are completely preventable. Sadly, sometimes mothers and their newborn babies are subjected to these preventable errors and serious injuries result.

Man loses use of left leg after doctor's failure to diagnose

Oregonians rightfully expect to be treated properly and effectively when they go to the doctor. Receiving such care, though, is entirely dependent upon being accurately diagnosed. Sometimes doctors struggle to diagnose complex diseases and illnesses that are themselves difficult to treat. Other times, though, these medical professionals fail to diagnose easily detectable conditions. When this happens, and a patient receives delayed treatment, he or she may be left irreparably harmed.

Medical mistake may have caused woman to freeze to death

Many Oregon residents may have had nightmares of being buried alive or waking up in the middle of a medical procedure, but we often chalk those nightmares up as that, bad dreams. Yet, sometimes nightmares manifest themselves in reality. When this occurs in the medical context, the results can be devastating, causing death.

Doctor's delayed treatment leaves man with brain damage

Medical professionals can truly seem to work miracles by stopping the progression of deadly medical conditions and even remedying some illnesses and injuries. Yet, successfully treating a patient is dependent upon accurately diagnosing a patient. Though many would be right in assuming this refers to one's overall condition or illness, it may also pertain to overlooked issues that can cause significant damage to a patient.

Family wins lawsuit after fatal medical mistake claims daughter

The birth of a child should be a joyous occasion. Yet, the birthing process is a fragile one, especially when a child is born prematurely. Medical professionals must rely on their education, training and experience to ensure these babies are treated safely and effectively. Sometimes, though, a medical mistake is made that can leave a newborn seriously injured or dead.


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