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Lawsuits filed over doctor's misdiagnosis of multiple sclerosis

Obtaining an accurate and timely diagnosis is critical to properly treating a medical condition. In some cases, like those involving cancer, an early and accurate diagnosis can increase survival rates and treatment efficiency. A wrong diagnosis can also leave an individual with additional, unnecessary harm caused by unneeded drugs and operations, which sometimes can result in death.

Oregon couple sues doctors, hospital over serious birth injury

Though expecting parents do not like to hear it, things can go wrong during the birthing process. The good news, though, is that doctors are typically well-trained to handle these situations and to deliver the child without harm to him or her or the mother. However, sometimes errors in judgment occur and completely preventable, senseless harm befalls an innocent baby. When this happens, parents should seek to hold accountable the negligent medical professionals who harmed their child while at the same time seeking to recover damages.

Lawsuit claims doctor inappropriately operated, caused injuries

Many Oregonian's have likely heard the heat the Veterans' Administration is under for providing no or subpar treatment to our nation's veterans. However, it takes a personal account of poor healthcare to paint the picture that statistics cannot. One man's horror story has recently come to life, and it may leave some squeamish and angry.

Woman sues hospital, claims doctors forced her to have C-section

Many of Oregon's expecting mothers enjoy planning for the arrival of their little one. However, when it comes time to give birth, anxiety may rise. Expecting mothers may worry about the birthing procedure and whether or not it will be carried out safely. Though in most instances the birth occurs without harm to the child or the mother, in some cases negligence causes irreparable harm to the baby, the mother or both.

Misdiagnoses cause girl to develop worsened condition

Going to the doctor can be scary, but it can be downright terrifying when doctors cannot figure out what is wrong with a patient. Sometimes medical professionals admit they do not know what is wrong and they continue to run tests until they can make a diagnosis, or they refer the patient to another doctor. In other situations, however, doctors diagnose the patient's condition based on their best knowledge, but without certainty. This might lead to disastrous consequences for patients.

Medical mistake regarding prescription may have caused death

Prescription drugs have revolutionized medicine. In some instances, a single pill can reduce or eliminate symptoms while others might even completely eradicate an individual's illness. But prescribing and administering these medications is a science, requiring care and precision. A seemingly minor mistake in either of these areas can be tragic, and might leave an individual dead.

Failure to diagnose HIV leaves man with worsened condition

When doctors fail to diagnose a medical condition the results can be tragic for a patient. His or her medical condition can worsen, causing increased pain and suffering and medical expenses. In some instances when a patient receives delayed treatment, his or her chance of surviving the condition can be greatly diminished. For these reasons, it is imperative to hold negligent medical professionals accountable for their wrongdoing so that future patients are protected and the victim is justly compensated.

Lawsuit: Nurse infects patients after reusing single-use syringes

Some hospital tasks are so easy that doctors and nurses can perform them mindlessly, which could spell trouble for Oregon's patients. Tossing single-use syringes after their initial use, for example, should be common sense in the medical profession and is a simple way to keep patients safe from infectious diseases. Yet, a man who was diagnosed with Hepatitis C has recently filed lawsuit against a hospital and nurse who failed to adhere to this simplistic safety measure and reused a single-use syringe.

Lawsuit: face lift leads to death after doctor mistake

Every year many Oregonians choose to go under the knife for the sake of outward appearances. Face lifts, liposuction, and tummy tucks can all help an individual reach his or her ideal of beauty, but they can also put a patient at risk of a serious medical mistake. In fact, a recently filed lawsuit claims a doctor mistake led to a 73-year-old man's death.


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