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Negligence in the emergency room

Like most people in Oregon, when you go to the emergency room, you are most likely seeking treatment for a sudden illness or injury. Doctors in emergency rooms are expected to be able to provide medical care to patients suffering from a variety of different medical conditions and injuries. Sometimes they are negligent in the care they provide, leaving people like you suffering from serious injuries as a result.

Woman awarded $50 million for severe childbirth injuries

Oregon expectant women may be interested to learn about a woman who was awarded $50 million for childbirth injuries. The woman was permanently injured due to medical errors that were made during the birth of her first child. Though the woman had severe injuries, she was not aware of them until after her second child was born.

Hospital negligence causing patient injury

People in Oregon and around the country entrust their lives and well-being to the physicians and health care facilities they rely on for their medical treatment and care. Individuals admitted to a hospital for treatment of an injury or serious illness rarely expect to suffer harm because of medical malpractice or hospital negligence on the part of the doctors, nurses and hospital staff who care for them, but more than 400,000 American patients die each year from hospital-related mistakes.

Future heart failure patients may be saved by AI

Oregonians who have family medical histories that include heart failure or are at increased risk due to other factors may be interested in a technological development that seems like science fiction. In April 2016, researchers with a North Carolina health network announced they had devised a method of using computers to predict heart failure incidents up to nine months before doctors could deliver the news. Although this wasn't the first instance of medical professionals attempting to predict heart failure with computers, it employed a novel approach that relied on artificial intelligence.

New tests for cancer look at DNA in blood

Oregon men may want to take a test for prostate cancer that is expected to be available within a year. Unlike the usual screening test, the PSA, this new test looks for traces of DNA in the blood that show signs of cancer. It is known as a "liquid biopsy" because it only requires a little blood rather than the more invasive biopsy that requires tissue for a diagnosis.

How to choose a doctor for mesothelioma

Oregon residents who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma have a serious health issue that may need immediate and specialized attention. A physician who has specific expertise in this type of cancer may have knowledge of new treatments or studies being conducted. It is sometimes difficult, however, for patients to tell that they have found the right person.

Legal representation for your hospital negligence case

If you or someone else in your family has experienced a medical condition that you believe may have been caused by a negligent physician, nurse or another hospital staff member, you might be able to file a claim for compensation. At our law firm, you may be able to obtain the representation you need in order to hold the liable party responsible for damages. We have been representing Oregon patients for more than three decades.

Compensation claims related to cerebral palsy

Statistics indicate that as many as four of every 1,000 births result in cerebral palsy. An Oregon couple faced with this outcome may have numerous questions about this motor disorder, one of the most common suffered by babies. In some cases, parents may have advance warning of a possible medical problem based on prenatal tests. However, many instances of cerebral palsy arise because of medical errors or neglect during labor and delivery. In such cases, parents might have reason to seek compensation related to the situation.


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