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Mother awarded $101 million for son’s birth injuries

Parents spend months getting ready to welcome their new baby into the world. Unfortunately, all it takes is one negligent mistake or error to change all of those carefully laid plans. For Oregon parents who are raising children injured by birth injuries, the reality of this situation can be especially difficult. However, it is possible to hold negligent doctors, nurses and hospitals responsible for their actions.

An out-of-state mother decided to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit after her son was injured during delivery. Her claim alleged that the medical personnel working at the facility where she gave birth ignored signs of distress for approximately six hours. This was backed up by medical experts who agreed that the fetal monitoring strips showed abnormalities both before and during labor. Experts also determined that the boy would not have suffered any injuries if the attending personnel had told the doctor about those abnormalities, which warranted a cesarean section.

Although his mother cared for him at home during his first four years of life, she could no longer afford to meet his specialized needs. Since he cannot speak or care for himself in any capacity, she had no other choice but to place him in a residential facility that could provide what she could not. However, a jury recently awarded the mother and her now 5-year-old son $101 million after they successfully navigated their suit, and she is excited to bring him home and continue caring for him.

Children who suffer birth injuries have to live their lives with problems that they otherwise might not have faced. However, they are not the only victims. The parents of these children often face huge financial and emotional burdens, which can make it hard to provide the necessary ongoing care. A medical malpractice lawsuit cannot erase the past, but it can help parents and children in Oregon address complicated physical, emotional and financial damages.