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Patient awarded compensation for medication overdose

Some Oregonians hesitate before going to the doctor. They might fear needles, medications, operations, and learning of a dangerous medical condition. Yet, receiving proper medical care can be life-saving, especially when doctors rely on their years of specialized training and experience. Despite all this training, though, medical professionals make mistakes. When these errors occur, a patient can be severely injured in a way that leads to the need for long-term care. In some instances the patient is left with a permanent disability. One woman now faces this fate, and Oregonians should take note of what can be done legally should such a mishap strike them.

Prescription drug overdoses on the rise in Oregon

Wrongful death claims are something never contemplated by most Oregonians. However, due to the prevalence of medical mistakes and malpractice, it is important for residents to be aware of their legal rights should a family member be the victim of a fatal mistake. This is more important than ever in light of new statistics relating to drug overdose deaths.

Medical-laser centers pose safety concern to Oregon patients

Medical malpractice claims are often thought of in the context of hospital and doctor mistakes. Hospital negligence can certainly cause serious damage to patients, but Oregonians are at risk of malpractice in many other circumstances. The potential dangers to patients are highlighted as state regulators examine the safety of medical-laser centers.

Oregon man in leg braces 13 years due to misdiagnosis

Personal injury caused by misdiagnosis can be devastating to Oregon victims and their families. Unanswered questions and painful symptoms may last years before a proper diagnosis is given. Delayed treatment can cause permanent damage and may even result in death.

Woman endures misdiagnosis of West Nile Virus

The misdiagnosis of a medical condition can happen at even the best Oregon hospitals and medical facilities. Medical malpractice cases are often filed due to a misdiagnosis that results in patient injury. Cases involving misdiagnosis can be very serious, since these mistakes may lead to the spread of disease or delayed treatment.

Baseball star files suit over failure to diagnose hip injury

Readers of our Eugene medical malpractice blog may be interested to learn that the lawsuit filed against Major League Baseball was not the only suit filed recently by Alex Rodriguez. In the second suit, the MLB star alleges the Yankees' team doctor and a New York hospital were negligent in the way they treated a hip injury suffered by Rodriguez last year. Failure to diagnose and inform Rodriguez of the injury are the claims at the center of the lawsuit.

$9 million settlement reached in birth injury lawsuit

Birth injuries are among some of the most devastating consequences of medical malpractice. An otherwise healthy infant can suffer serious injuries, permanent disabilities and even death at the hands of a negligent provider. When these types of preventable errors occur, malpractice laws give Oregon victims and their families the ability to obtain compensation against the responsible parties.

$25 million malpractice suit filed against OHSU for birth injury

Every day, breech babies are born to Oregon parents. It is common knowledge that a regular delivery of a breech baby poses significant risks to both mother and child. Cesarean sections are generally performed when babies are breech. It was in one of these cases that a mother scheduled a c-section for the delivery of her breech baby. A sad chain of events unfortunately caused her son to suffer from a serious birth injury during the delivery process.

Oregon Supreme Court upholds $1.375M medical malpractice award

In a major victory for victims of medical malpractice, the Oregon Supreme Court recently upheld the entire damage award in a delivery malpractice case. The case involved a baby who suffered serious nerve injuries during the delivery process due to the malpractice of a Lane County medical group.


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