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Oregon boy's family files negligence lawsuit for botched surgery

Most people know that surgeries are common throughout the U.S. and Oregon, and that many of these operations successfully remedy or limit the negative effects of a medical condition. What some may not know is that sometimes doctors rely on their judgment, which may not always be best for the patient. All too often, a doctor's error in judgment costs an unsuspecting patient his or her health, normal lifestyle, or his or her life itself.

Lawsuit: failure to diagnose heart conditions led to man's death

Obtaining a proper medical diagnosis is critical when it comes to receiving adequate treatment. An initial diagnosis, if correct, can lead to the prescribing of effective medication, the recommending of necessary operations, and the providing of a long-term care plan. Yet, too many Americans, including Oregonians, are unnecessarily wrongly diagnosed, and the results can be deadly.

Some doctors diagnose too quick without considering other options

When examining a patient, doctors have a lot to consider. Certain symptoms can be signs of multiple conditions, and many conditions have many differing symptoms in different patients. It is therefore imperative doctors are thorough in their examinations and they consider every possible symptom and diagnosis. Only then will a patient receive the adequate treatment he or she deserves and expects.

Baby dies after doctor error causes skull and spinal injuries

Delivering a baby safely requires a lot of skill, quick decision making, and extreme care. Newborns are so fragile that a single slip or pull in the wrong direction can be tragic, leaving the baby with a serious birth injury. When this happens, the child may be left with life-long pain and suffering and may be unable to live a normal life. Parents, too, suffer harm, as caring for conditions such as a brain injury, including cerebral palsy, can be costly. Therefore, parents whose child suffers a birth injury due to a doctor error should consider acting on their legal rights.

Woman dies when doctors fail to catch easily curable blood clot

Medical advances can turn the deadly medical conditions of yesterday into the easily curable conditions of today. However, curing such conditions today is still dependent on a doctor's ability to provide an accurate diagnosis. Failing to do so can allow that easily detectable and remediable ailment to once again turn deadly. Oregon families should take note of what they can do should such a tragic event strike them.

Unnecessary spine surgery leads to hospital negligence lawsuit

Doctors are perhaps amongst the most trusted individuals in our society. Their years of education, training and experience put them in a unique position where patients' well-being and the patients' very lives rest in these doctors' hands. Thus, when a medical professional in Oregon makes a diagnosis and recommends a course of treatment, patients often agree. Unfortunately, though, sometimes doctors and the hospitals at which they work are negligent, leaving their patients seriously injured.

Family loses loved one after hospital fails to perform tests

In order to provide adequate healthcare, all doctors, including those in Oregon, must consider many factors and perform many duties. These professionals should take into account a patient's personal and familial medical history, perform in-depth examinations, make accurate diagnosis, and recommend and perform proper treatment. While this seems like a lot, doctors spend years cultivating the education and experience to perform these duties in an accurate, efficient and safe manner. Yet, sometimes mistakes happen, and when they do patients are put at serious risk of harm.

Delayed diagnosis leaves woman facing aggressive cancer

Going to the doctor can be stressful for any Oregonian, especially when one considers the dependency a doctor has on his initial diagnosis. If a doctor makes a wrong diagnosis, a patient can be seriously harmed or killed as a result. The same is true when a doctor misses signs of a medical condition and therefore does not make a diagnosis.

Doctor error leaves baby with cerebral palsy, family wins lawsuit

When it comes to delivering a baby, medical professionals have a lot of responsibilities. Not only do they have to deliver the baby in a way that protects its health, but they must also ensure the health of the mother. A seemingly minor slipup could be tragic, causing a serious birth injury or death. In the event this happens, Oregon families should be aware of what they can do to recover their emotional, physical and financial damages.


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