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Doctor's over-prescription causes woman's death

One of the best ways for doctors to combat medical conditions is to prescribe medications. Though many of these drugs work, their effectiveness is based on the patient receiving the appropriate dosage. When a medical professional gives a patient too little or too much of a medicine, the patient may suffer serious harm, including permanent disability and even death.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed after heart attack mistreated

The emergency room can be life-saving. Experienced doctors and nurses typically make accurate diagnoses and treat them quickly and efficiently. Sometimes, though, medical mistakes are made and unsuspecting patients and their families fall victim. In addition to the obvious physical and emotional harm that can befall these individuals, financial losses can also have a devastating impact.

Emergency room delay leaves girl with permanent disability

Every year, many Oregonians go to the emergency room expecting prompt medical care. Doctors and nurses often have to decide whose condition is most significant and requires the most immediate attention. Though this process is typically successful, sometimes an error can occur that has devastating consequences.

Doctor sued for wrongful death after patient overdoses

Medications have become so common in our society that many patients take what is prescribed to them without much thought. In most cases, the results are positive as doctors have relied on their education, training and expertise to prescribe appropriate, effective drugs in the correct dosages. Sometimes, though, doctors make medication errors that can cause severe adverse effects and even death.

Nurse delays cause permanent, serious injuries to patient

Patients often worry about what can go wrong during a medical procedure. They may fear the surgeon will operate on the wrong body part, will nick an organ, or will leave a surgical instrument inside of them. While these are all legitimate concerns, often many problems associated with an operation do not present themselves until after the procedure is finished. If a doctor fails to closely monitor a patient's condition afterwards, the patient may suffer serious injuries.

Family recovers compensation in lawsuit centered on man's death

Surgical mistakes are a sad reality in the medical profession. No matter how many safety measures are put in place or how trained doctors are before they enter the profession, human error will likely always be a risk factor for patients. Yet, in order to ensure patient safety, we rightly expect error free medical care. Anything less could result in injuries or death. Those responsible for such harm should pay for the damage they have caused.

Women misdiagnosed with multiple sclerosis, file lawsuit

Oregonians tend to trust their doctors. After all, these professionals spend a significant portion of their lives learning of how to identify medical condition and how to treat them. Yet, doctors can be wrong. What makes it scary is since many patients are in the dark about what symptoms medical conditions carry, they often do not question a doctor's diagnosis. A doctor's failure to diagnose the proper condition can lead to delayed treatment, a worsened condition and, sometimes, death.

Wrongful death lawsuit alleges misdiagnosis caused boy to die

Accidents happen. When Oregonians find themselves the victim of a car accident, slip and fall or any other kind of mishap, they often need medical attention. Many of these cases require minimal care and heal quite quickly. Some, though, are more damaging than they first appear. Yet, if a doctor is not attentive and does not accurately give and read test results, a serious condition can go unnoticed.


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